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Aerospace Heat Treating

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INTEK Corporation is a manufacturer of energy-efficient ovens for industrial and commercial process heating, dryers and elements for screen printing, heaters for space heating, and much more including production automation, material handling, process engineering, and fully-integrated turn-key solutions. Electric and gas-fired systems available.

Industrial heating - tested and tuned for your application. Contact a specialist

INTEK Experience


With more than 43 years of experience in the field of industrial process heating and space heating, our INTEK staff is ready to address your specific needs. Utilizing this depth of knowledge and design expertise in applying electric infrared, gas infrared, electric convection, gas convection and hybrid systems coupled with your valuable input regarding your products and processes, we have created some of the most innovative, productive and efficient systems in the industry.


Industrial Ovens

INTEK customized industrial ovens, dryers, patented electric infrared heating elements and infrared heaters are designed to match the most demanding process heating requirements appealing to end users and OEM's worldwide. To help improve your production and profitability, INTEK can build a single heating element, an assembled heater module array or a completely automated oven system for curing, pre-drying and drying, paint finishing, packaging, vacuum forming, textile finishing, heat setting or preheating. In addition, INTEK offers replacement parts, service and repair for dryers and ovens of any make or model.

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