With the largest oven in the district and a commitment to quality, the Powderworks Northwest team can handle everything from the smallest to the largest abrasive blasting and powder coating projects.

Owner Dianne McMahon said they could also tackle many on-farm blasting jobs with their mobile unit.

“We can clean up water tanks and silos on site,” she said.

Ms McMahon said the business, at 37 Gunnedah Road, Tamworth, started in 1995, but she took over in 2000.

“We will work with anything that is metal – we can powder coat outdoor settings, fences, guttering, ute trays, trailers and even truck trays,” she said.

“We have the biggest ovens in the North West area at 8.5m long.”

Ms McMahon said she and her staff were committed to providing clients with service of the highest standard.

“We strive for outstanding quality workmanship,” she said. “We pride ourselves on being a leader in the field of powder coating and abrasive blasting in the Tamworth region.

“The staff are highly trained and take pride in their work.”

And once the project is complete, the team will give advice on how to best maintain the finish of the coated surface.

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