Automotive Ovens

Space-saving and cost-effective solutions that meet the strict regulations and requirements of the automotive industry


Automotive manufacturers face growing pressure to quickly deliver sophisticated products that comply with increasingly stringent commercial and governmental regulations across a complex and vast supply chain while trying to reduce costs and save space.

INTEK Corporation has been supporting the needs of the automotive industry since first being challenged to cure prints on vinyl sheets for use in instrument panels in 2000. Since then, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers have been utilizing INTEK’s ovens and design expertise to provide a solution for a broad list of process heating applications. Beyond vinyl and leather processing, INTEK ovens are used for preheating, softening to remove wrinkles in seat covers, curing powdercoating on brake pads, annealing polycarbonate trim panels and headlamps, drying paints for finishing, setting acrylic resins for electronic thermosets, and curing sealants. INTEK has the experience to offer improvements to quality while increasing production speeds and in many cases reducing floor space requirements.

For many drying and curing applications, the improved efficiencies of using infrared radiation (IR) – either in place of or in combination with traditional convection heating systems – are becoming increasingly important to the automotive industry which is always seeking new ways to trim costs and improve product effectiveness. When advantageous, INTEK’s modular IR heat panels can be combined with traditional convection heat to create a hybrid process heating system. These infrared heating systems are capable of drying and curing various coatings including primers, undercoats, thermoset resins, polyurethane, and other coatings. Compared to traditional convection heating systems, IR is easier to monitor and control and requires less floor space. Multi- zoned designs are engineered to produce further advantages in production efficiency. In addition to various paints and coatings, several advanced composite materials used in a variety of automotive structural components and applications also benefit from the use of INTEK’s IR heating systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Regarding process heating, INTEK Corporation has considerable knowledge and extensive experience in several key areas relating to the automotive industry.
  • We offer free initial in-house product testing for proof of concept and to provide relevant feedback and test data.
  • Inexpensive test fixtures are available if components can’t be shipped.
  • INTEK oven systems are designed and built to cure coatings, pre-heat parts, de-embrittle components, or heat treat items up to 1,000°F
  • Ovens can be certified to  +/- 15°F or better
  • Paint Drying & Curing
  • Part De-Embrittlement
  • Curing Coatings on Glass & Metal
  • Heat Treating Automotive Components
  • Curing Circuit Board Electrical Potting