Automotive Ovens

Industrial Oven Solutions for the Automotive Industry

INTEK Corporation offers a comprehensive line of industrial ovens specifically designed for the demanding needs of the automotive industry. Our ovens go beyond typical vinyl and leather processing to contribute to various stages of automotive parts manufacturing.

Key Processes Supported by Intek Ovens

Paint Drying & Curing

Our ovens ensure a flawless finish by efficiently drying and curing paints applied to automotive parts.

Part De-Embrittlement

Certain automotive components become brittle during forming. INTEK ovens utilize controlled heat to restore their ductility.

Curing Coatings on Glass & Metal

INTEK ovens provide the precise temperature and environment for curing coatings on various automotive components like windshields, trim panels, and brake pads.

Preheating & Softening

For proper forming or assembly, some automotive parts, (like seat covers) require controlled preheating to soften materials.

Curing Sealants

INTEK ovens create the ideal conditions to cure sealants used throughout a vehicle.

Features of INTEK Automotive Ovens

  • Temperature Control: Our ovens offer precise temperature control systems, offering standard tolerances of +/- 15°F for consistent and reliable results.
  • Batch or Conveyorized Ovens: We offer both batch and conveyorized ovens to suit your specific production line needs and throughput requirements.
  • Customizable Designs: INTEK understands that every automotive application is unique. That’s why we provide custom oven design solutions to meet your exact specifications.
  • Efficiency: Our ovens are designed for optimal heat transfer and energy efficiency, reducing your operating costs.

Benefits of Using INTEK Ovens in Automotive Manufacturing

  • Improved Quality: Precise temperature control ensures consistent and high-quality finishes on all automotive parts.
  • Increased Production Speeds: INTEK ovens can optimize your heating processes to improve overall production line throughput.
  • Reduced Floor Space: Our space-saving oven designs can help you maximize your production area.
  • Free Initial Product Testing: INTEK offers complimentary in-house product testing to validate our ovens suitability for your specific application.

Applications of INTEK Ovens in Automotive Manufacturing

  • Curing vinyl and leather for seats and interiors
  • Preheating and softening seat covers for easier assembly
  • Curing powder coating on brake pads
  • Annealing polycarbonate trim panels and headlamp lenses
  • Drying paint for automotive finishing
  • Setting acrylic resins for electronic thermosets
  • Curing sealants used throughout a vehicle

Why Choose INTEK for Your Automotive Ovens?