Biotech Ovens

Ensuring Precision and Control for Your Critical Processes

INTEK Biotech Ovens

The biotechnology industry thrives on delicate biological processes that require meticulous control. Even slight fluctuations in temperature or deviations from ideal environments can compromise the viability of cells, disrupt critical reactions, or negatively impact the stability of sensitive materials. This is where INTEK’s custom-designed Biotech Ovens come into play. We understand the stringent requirements of your research and development activities. Our ovens are more than just heat sources; they are precision instruments engineered to deliver consistent and accurate temperature control throughout the entire chamber.

Key Processes Supported by INTEK Biotech Ovens


Our ovens deliver precise temperature control and uniform heat distribution, ideal for sterilizing labware, equipment, and other materials essential for maintaining aseptic conditions.


INTEK ovens efficiently dry biological samples, cultures, and components at controlled temperatures, preserving their integrity and functionality.


Biotech processes often involve curing adhesives, resins, and coatings used in biomaterials or devices. INTEK ovens provide the necessary temperature and environment for optimal curing results.

Environmental Simulation

Certain research or production steps require simulating specific environmental conditions. INTEK ovens can be designed to maintain precise temperature and humidity levels to replicate these environments.

Material Testing

Biotech applications often involve testing materials for heat resistance or other temperature-sensitive properties. INTEK ovens offer the control and accuracy required for reliable material testing.


  • Precise Temperature Control: INTEK ovens feature advanced control systems that deliver accurate and consistent temperatures throughout the chamber, crucial for maintaining optimal conditions in various processes.
  • Uniform Heat Distribution: INTEK’s ovens utilize advanced airflow and heating element configurations to ensure uniform heat distribution within the chamber, minimizing hot and cold spots and guaranteeing consistent results.
  • Customizable Design Options: INTEK understands the specific needs of the biotechnology industry. We offer a variety of customization options, including chamber size, temperature range, cleanroom compatibility, and even integrated data logging capabilities.


  • Energy Efficiency: INTEK ovens are designed for efficient operation, minimizing energy consumption without compromising performance.
  • Reliable Construction: Built with high-quality materials and robust components, INTEK Biotech Ovens are designed for long-lasting performance in demanding laboratory environments.
  • Safety Features: INTEK prioritizes safety in all its products. Our ovens incorporate features like over-temperature protection and door safety switches to ensure a safe working environment.


  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Sterilizing vials, drying drug components, and curing coatings on pharmaceutical devices.
  • Biomedical Research: Sterilizing equipment, drying biological samples, and curing resins for microfluidic applications.
  • Biotechnology Labs: Drying cultures, curing biomaterials, and conducting heat-related experiments on biological materials.
  • Medical Device Manufacturing: Sterilizing medical devices, drying components, and curing adhesives used in device assembly.
  • Environmental Testing Labs: Simulating specific environmental conditions for testing the stability or performance of biological materials.

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