Biotech Ovens

Custom ovens specifically manufactured for the precise tolerances required by the Biotech industry


The biotechnology sector demands the utmost precision and control in manufacturing, especially when dealing with critical components like medical devices. Complex substrates and delicate materials need accurate and efficient drying or curing without compromising their structural integrity. Biotech manufacturers stand to benefit significantly from INTEK’s proven track record in sectors like aerospace, plastics, and textiles, where our technology has been employed to control complex heating processes effectively. We understand the importance of strict temperature control and repeatability in your highly regulated and specialized industry.

We specialize in creating solutions that operate within precise temperature tolerances, a feature critically important in highly regulated sectors. Our ovens incorporate advanced features like direct IR heat and air recirculation systems, all designed to uphold the integrity of delicate components. Just as we’ve achieved precise and efficient results for the aerospace, plastics, and textile industries, we offer the same level of expertise and customization to biotech manufacturers. Contact us for a free quote to see how INTEK can elevate your manufacturing processes to new levels of precision and reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Precision Control: Accurate temperature ranges ideal for sensitive applications
  • Advanced Drying: Direct IR heat and air recirculation for efficient moisture removal without damaging components
  • Custom Solutions: Ovens tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the biotech industry, ensuring compliance and reliability
  • Safety and Integrity: Designed to uphold the structural integrity of delicate materials, essential in the highly regulated biotech sector

Case Studies

Reagent Drying Oven