Food Processing Ovens

Quick and cost-effective solutions that meet the high quality standards of the food processing industry

Why Intek

An important piece of equipment in the process of manufacturing pizza and cheese bread is the cheese melter.  Fusing the cheese on a manufactured pizza is important to quality, customer satisfaction, and product appearance and consistency.  Each manufactured pizza or cheese bread product needs to meet quality standards in weight, size, shape, and topping distribution before it reaches the consumer.  Anything less than perfect will result in complaints and lost business.

Fusing the cheese topping on pizza and bread products allows the finished product to handle the rough treatment associated with the supply and distribution of the product.  INTEK’s designs provide just the right amount of heat to fuse the cheese so that the cheese and other toppings remain in place during shipping, stocking, and transportation, creating a more attractive and desirable product.  INTEK cheese fusers are available in conveyorized and table-top designs sized to fit any operation, no matter how large.

Features & Benefits

  • UL 508A control panels
  • PLC controls
  • Modular Infrared Heaters
  • Material handling integrated into each design as needed
  • Customer obtains the exact equipment needed to meet special requirements
  • Uniform heating with tight temperature control
  • Zoned heating for additional production control
  • Each design created with easy cleaning in mind
  • Small foot print – saves valuable production space.
  • No noise – INTEK infrared heaters operate silently
  • No powered exhaust required due to clean operation.
  • Low maintenance – no moving parts (except when conveyors are provided)
  • Conveyor and oven can be manufactured as one or two separate pieces.