Metal Finishing and Powder Coating Ovens

Quick and cost-effective solutions that meet the high quality standards of the metal finishing and powder coating industry

Why Intek

Whether a standard convection oven is needed or if an array of flat-panel heaters on either side of the product is preferred, INTEK can provide a process heating solution for any metal finishing application below 1,200°F.  Electric Flat-Panel Infrared Modular Heaters have proven useful in drying, pre-heating, curing, and even burn-off on many industrial metal finishing lines, and Gas catalytic IR panels are equally effective at those processes and are available through INTEK as well.  Powder coatings and wet paint finishes experience numerous benefits when using infrared in conjunction with or instead of traditional convection heat such as improved finish quality and reduced drying or curing times. It is also possible to reclaim floor space since infrared ovens are typically much smaller than convection ovens to achieve the same result.

From large conveyorized systems to a small batch process – using forced-air convection or flat-panel IR heaters – INTEK is your source for an effective process heating solution in the finishing of metal and other advanced materials.

Features & Benefits

  • UL 508A control panels
  • PLC controls
  • Modular Infrared Heaters
  • Material handling integrated into each design as needed
  • Customer obtains the exact equipment needed to meet special requirements
  • Uniform heating with tight temperature control
  • Zoned heating for additional production control
  • Each design created with easy cleaning in mind
  • Small foot print – saves valuable production space.
  • No noise – INTEK infrared heaters operate silently
  • No powered exhaust required due to clean operation.
  • Low maintenance – no moving parts (except when conveyors are provided)
  • Conveyor and oven can be manufactured as one or two separate pieces.