Ovens for the Plastics Industry

Quick and cost-effective solutions that meet the high quality standards of the plastics industry

Why Intek

No heating technology compliments the multitude of materials across the plastics industry like long to medium-wave infrared. The absorption rate of most poly-based materials is perfectly aligned with a heat source that generates a wavelength of around 3.4 microns and longer. Where convective, forced-air heating methods might work by scrubbing the surface of a polycarbonate automobile trim piece to bring it to the prescribed temperature over an hour or two, radiant long-wave infrared energy directly absorbs into the part at a defined temperature finishing the process in mere minutes.

Annealing, softening, curing, melting, drying, flashing, or baking of plastic and other poly-based materials for the thermoforming, automotive, medical, aerospace, and packaging industries is what INTEK has designed and sold more process heating equipment for than any other material or industry. Contact us for a free quote and to inquire about product testing to show you the almost unbelievable results that can be achieved through the use of long to medium-wave infrared technology.

Features & Benefits

  • UL 508A control panels
  • PLC controls
  • Modular Infrared Heaters
  • Material handling integrated into each design as needed
  • Customer obtains the exact equipment needed to meet special requirements
  • Uniform heating with tight temperature control
  • Zoned heating for additional production control
  • Each design created with easy cleaning in mind
  • Small foot print – saves valuable production space.
  • No noise – INTEK infrared heaters operate silently
  • No powered exhaust required due to clean operation.
  • Low maintenance – no moving parts (except when conveyors are provided)