Powder Coating Operation Enhanced With Electric Infrared

Cost Saving Retrofit – Systems Available to Fit Virtually Any Oven / Line

INTEK’s Flat-Panel Electric Infrared Modular Heaters have proven useful in drying, pre-heating, curing, and even burn-off on many industrial paint lines. Powder coatings and wet paint finishes experience numerous benefits such as improved finish quality and reduced drying times. It is also possible to reclaim floor space since infrared ovens are typically much smaller than convection ovens. In large conveyorized systems or small batch processes, flat-panel IR heaters are equally effective and energy efficient in most applications.

Benefits of Infrared

  • Silent Operation
  • No moving parts
  • Fast Warm-up
  • Uniform Temperatures
  • Long Life
  • Low Maintenance

Case in Point

A customer had an existing gas-fired convection oven that, although it had served them well in the past, just wasn’t able to handle their increased demands. In addition, residual moisture was causing problems in the paint application. Larger parts and a need for faster line speed had management discussing expensive options like replacement of an aging but still operational oven.

INTEK quoted a completely new oven but also offered an alternative solution: keep the existing setup and simply add INTEK’s patented electric infrared modular heaters to one end of the oven tunnel. The results were amazing: Minimal down time, improved performance, and $50,000 under budget.

Typical Add-On System includes:

  • Control Panel Safety Disconnect Digital Temp Controls Type K Thermocouples Heat Off-On Selector Switch Hi-Limit Controller w/ E-stop Circuit Breakers & Indicators Distribution Blocks & Terminals
  • INTEK Modular Heaters 20ga Aluminized Steel Pre-drilled Mounting Brackets Integral Wire Way
    • High Temp Terminals
    • 240V or 480V connection
    • Self Insulated
    • 3 in. Ceramic Insulation
  • Distribution Panels, High-Temp Wiring, Conduit, & Hardware
  • Professional Electrical Wiring Diagrams & Installation Layout

Case Studies

Thermoforming with Infrared

10’x10′ Infrared Heater Array

  • (24) OM-model IR Emitters
  • Control & Distribution Panels
  • Conduit & Wiring
  • Insulated Side Curtains
  • Structural Steel Frame
Infrared Heating for Spas

Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

INTEK was chosen by an industry-leading manufacturer of residential & commercial spas to create a heating array for a new swim spa product line. Utilizing a 22-zone layout to cover a 19-ft. x 9-ft. area, INTEK successfully engineered and fabricated a solution that gave excellent homogeneous thermal control across the entire surface of the infrared heater array to accurately and efficiently heat the tubs.

Individual flat-panel emitters – gas or electric – are offered in many industry standard size, wattage, & voltage configurations. Call today for a free estimate on a heater and controls package designed specifically for your process heating application.