Thermoforming Applications Using Electric Infrared Heat

Turn-Key Systems Built or Individual Components Sold

INTEK’s OM and C-model Flat-Panel Electric Infrared Emitters have proven to be the perfect solution where efficient and effective process heating is needed for softening, curing, molding, pre-heating or thermosetting various materials. INTEK has been called upon in a variety of applications to design and create specialized process heating solutions using their longwave infrared emitters for customers across the thermoforming industry. The American-made OM-model and C-model heaters offer modularity and flexibility for any installation that requires controllable and targeted radiant heat.

Benefits of INTEK Infrared Heaters

  • Silent Operation
  • No moving parts
  • Fast Warm-up
  • Uniform Face Temperatures
  • Long Life
  • No Maintenance

INTEK’s flat-panel long-to-medium wave infrared heaters are perfect for many thermoforming applications due to the wavelength output of our emitters coupled with the optimal absorption characteristics of materials in the greater “plastics” family falling into that wavelength segment.

UL-Listed Control Panels Include:

  • Built-In Safety Disconnect Switch
  • Digital Temp. Control
  • PLC/HMI Control Option Available
  • Solid-State Power Controllers
  • Circuit & Safety Protection

INTEK Modular IR Heaters Include:

  • 20ga Aluminized Steel Housing
  • Built-in Mounting Brackets / Studs
  • Integral Wire Raceway or J-box
  • High Temp Terminals for Long Life
  • Ceramic Insulation

Case Studies

Thermoforming with Infrared

10’x10′ Infrared Heater Array

  • (24) OM-model IR Emitters
  • Control & Distribution Panels
  • Conduit & Wiring
  • Insulated Side Curtains
  • Structural Steel Frame
Infrared Heating for Spas

Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

INTEK was chosen by an industry-leading manufacturer of residential & commercial spas to create a heating array for a new swim spa product line. Utilizing a 22-zone layout to cover a 19-ft. x 9-ft. area, INTEK successfully engineered and fabricated a solution that gave excellent homogeneous thermal control across the entire surface of the infrared heater array to accurately and efficiently heat the tubs.

Individual flat-panel emitters – gas or electric – are offered in many industry standard size, wattage, & voltage configurations. Call today for a free estimate on a heater and controls package designed specifically for your process heating application.