Emission-Free Tunnel Oven Developed

The world’s first emission-free tunnel oven has been developed.

According to Process Heating:

“AMF Bakery Systems introduced what it says is the world’s first emission-free, hydrogen-fueled tunnel oven. According to the company, the oven will offer industrial bakers an effective solution to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 99.9 percent within the baking process.

“The modular oven utilizes green hydrogen to activate its burners. Also known as clean hydrogen, green hydrogen is a CO2-neutral fuel that is produced via a renewable source. The patent-pending technology will virtually eliminate CO2 emissions from the oven and reduce the cost of utilities, according to AMF.

“Final performance tests and customer evaluations have been conducted at the AMF Innovation Center in Gorinchem, The Netherlands. The technology can be retrofit into existing ovens.”

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