International Thermal Systems (ITS), a global manufacturer of industrial ovens and furnaces, announced today that it has released a comprehensive guide for selecting an Industrial Heat Processing Oven. The guide will provide companies with a checklist to select a batch or continuous processing oven for their application. “Choosing an oven that maximizes production and minimizes costs is achieved during the initial planning and design phase between the manufacturer and the customer,” said John Kubacki, Southwest Sales Manager. “Our guide was created to provide customers with a starting point of considerations for the oven to help make the best purchasing decision.” The industrial oven guide contains 8 sections and includes topics such as heat processing requirements, materials of construction and air flow design. “By answering a few questions, the guide can help determine if a batch or continuous process oven is best for the application and if a standard or a custom engineered machine is needed,” explains Mike Stamm, Northwest Sales Manager. International Thermal Systems manufactures industrial ovens for all heat processing applications including composite curing and annealing. ITS specializes in air flow design and quality construction. ITS works with customers in all industries including automotive, aerospace, foundry, and metal stamping.
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