So how do pizza shop owners and a potato chip maker get into the industrial finishing market?

For the Albers brothers from Cheney, Kansas, the creation of something great began with the idea to provide a product or a service that is in high demand.

The Albers had a conversation with a business contact who was asked to paint the parts his company was manufacturing for agricultural equipment companies. But the company wanted to focus on manufacturing parts, not painting them.

Entrepreneurs at heart, the Albers developed a business plan based on the needs of the manufacturer, and the idea to start an industrial finishing operation was born.

The result is Albers Finishing and Solutions, an industrial coating company that opened in March with a new liquid finishing line, and plans to add more services, including anodizing and powder coating.

The Albers family of four brothers and one sister has been involved in a number of businesses and is not afraid of hard work. They were excited to learn more about the finishing industry while helping the community of Cheney by creating jobs and industrial opportunities.

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