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Curing coatings on plastic sheets

Industrial Electric Convection Batch Oven for the Automotive Industry


The Challenge

How to build two ovens in one for maximum flexibility yet maintain precision control?

INTEK was contacted by a major supplier of automotive components to design a unique batch oven with high velocity, tempered air aimed down vertically from the top of the oven with consistent air flow front to back in the oven. An air knife helped ensure that the air was properly aimed to pass uniformly through the multiple layers of vertically oriented sheet material to expedite the drying process and increase productivity. An added feature allowed for each side of the oven to be operated independently from the other as if it were a separate oven, creating virtually two ovens in one.

The Results

Increased productivity by reducing drying time to approximately 25%. Improved durability of coating with elevated temperatures while improving overall product quality due to precision controlled process temperature and air flow.


  • Price Range: $40,000 – $80,000 (varies greatly depending on selected options)
  • System Dimensions (internal): 52″ W x 144″ L x 59″ H
  • Power Requirement: 90 Kw 480V 3Ph 60Hz 125A
  • Heat Source: Dual 45 KW Electric Duct Heaters
  • Recirculating Blower: Dual 4000 CFM Blowers
  • Exhaust: 450 CFM
  • Process Temp: 200°F
  • Process Time: 2 Hours
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