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Preheating Vinyl Automotive Fabric

Continuous Process Electric Infrared Conveyor Oven

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Custom industrial electric infrared conveyor oven designed and manufactured to thermally treat vinyl cloth prior to a vacuum forming process on automotive seats. Process temperature 240°F~350°F. Welded structural steel framework designed to allow for one piece oven shipment


  • Total connected load: 72kW / 480V~3PH / 90A / 60Hz
  • Industrial grade casters
  • Powered exhaust provided
  • Element Fault Detection system
  • 60”-wide stainless steel compact grid conveyor belt
  • Adjustable insulated baffles at entrance and exit of oven
  • Proximity sensor on exit of oven to sense product location on conveyor
  • Manual override button at exit to allow operator to manually shuttle conveyor
  • Stack light to indicate under temperature, correct temperature, over temperature
  • IR emitters include Pyroceram high-temperature glass face option to allow for easier clean up
  • Non-contact IR temperature sensor with compressed-air cooling jacket at exit of oven to measure part temperature
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