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Custom Electric Infrared Powder Coating Oven with Cooling Chamber and Pick and Place System

Case Study


Automotive brake parts are built in high volumes and in many different sizes. The INTEK customer needed a system for the care of the resistant and attractive finish of the powder coating on various dimensions of the parts being processed. The design solution consisted of an automated collation conveyor at the entrance and exit ends of the system with a cooling chamber that follows the furnace chamber to facilitate handling as soon as possible. The maximum operating temperature is 500 ° F.


  • 50”W x 168”L x 20”H Internal system dimensions
  • 72”W x 220”L x 72”H External system dimensions
  • Power Requirement:81kW / 480V-3PH / 100A / 60Hz
  • The heat comes from a quantity of 9 INTEK IR heating modules
  • Improved appearance and durability of the coating with constant temperatures, while improving overall productivity at high volume
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