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Curing Painted Fiberglass

Industrial Electric Convection Batch Drying Oven

Case Study


This customer wanted a versatile oven design to cure painted fiberglass surfaces and shapes designed for the food service and convenience store industry. Not knowing what they may be creating for one customer to the next they needed maximum accessibility and a forgiving heat source. Double doors at both ends of the oven met the first requirement and the convection heating system addressed the second. For further flexibility the oven is designed to accept additional oven chamber modules if future needs dictate, thereby increasing the oven length to handle even longer production requirements. The oven was shipped as a single piece to reduce the amount of time necessary for assemble during installation and start-up. This unique design allows for both batch and continuous flow-through operation.


  • SYSTEM DIMENSIONS-INTERNAL: 84” Wide, 90” Height, 240” length
  • POWER REQUIREMENT:100kW / 480V- 3Ph / 128Amps / 60Hz
  • HEAT SOURCE: Electric Convection
  • EXHAUST: 1200 CFM
  • PROCESS TIME: Varies with coating and substrate
    composition and density.
  • AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Process Timer, interior high
    temperature light, Double doors at both ends
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