Multi-Zone Conveyor Oven

Industrial Electric Infrared/Convection Oven

Case Study


Custom electric multi zone hybrid infrared/convection conveyor oven designed and built to dry circuit boards to a maximum temperature of 200°F Belt speed is designed at 2 inches per minute (3) independently controlled heat zones 1000 CFM recirculating system with variable frequency drive


  • Horizontal airflow pattern provided running the length of the oven
  • 240 Volts 3 phase 25Amps SCR heater controls
  • Solid fabric belt rated at less than 100,000 ohms per square foot with DC speed control
  • Adjustable feet Internal dimensions: 120” Length, 16” Width, 12” Height
  • External dimensions: 180” Length, 35” Width (including control panel) 72” Height

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