Dual Blower, Dual Heater

8 Door Industrial Batch Oven

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Dual Blower, Dual Heater, 8 Door Batch Oven – Electric convection oven for heating glass microfiber mat insulation to a maximum temperature of 600°F (316°C). Oven includes 4 oven compartments, 32 cu. ft. ea., with doors front and back (qty 8 total). Includes exhaust port for each oven side to evacuate excess moisture form the dual ovens during the drying process. Oven frame consists of rugged industrial structural steel with welded construction. Oven walls, 4″ thick filled with 800°F insulation and covered with 18 ga. aluminized steel inside and 18 ga. galvanized sheet steel outside. 1/8″ thick fiber insulation used to wrap oven frame to reduce through metal conduction and minimize outside oven skin temperature. Includes two blowers for optimum oven air circulation and dual heaters to heat both chambers. Doors slide on tracks to outsides of oven when opened.


  • Approximate internal oven dimensions: 44″ width x 50″ depth x 26″ high
  • Approximate external oven dimensions: 133″ width (223″ overall) X 62″ depth x 115″ high
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