Curing coatings on titanium aircraft parts

Industrial Gas Batch Oven

Case Study

 THE CHALLENGE: Primary: Cure / dry protective coatings on various shapes and sizes of aircraft component parts? Secondary: Fit within a very low ceiling height restriction?

Intek was contacted by a major supplier of aerospace components to design a unique gas-fired batch oven with high velocity air. The parts would be hung on rolling racks and multiple racks would be placed in the oven simultaneously. Part temperatures must be held uniformly to within +/- 10°F. The challenge was made even worse by the fact that a very large water pipe feeding the plant sprinkler system reduced head room drastically. The solution was to make the oven with double doors providing very wide access for the large number of racks. The gas burner and recirculating blower were side mounted to clear the overhead restrictions.

  • PRICE RANGE: $65,000 – $90,000 Price varies greatly depending on selected options.
  • SYSTEM DIMENSIONS-Internal: 220” W x 110” L x 96” H
  • HEAT SOURCE: 400,000 BTU
  • PROCESS TEMP: 400°F (+/-10°)
  • PROCESS TIME: 2 Hours
  • COST SAVINGS: $14,000 less expensive than closest competition.


RESULTS: Improved product quality due to precision of controlled process temperature and air flow. Side mounted burner maximized space utilization even with the restrictive ceiling height.

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