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Expanding Motor Housings to mate with Armatures

Custom Industrial Heater

 THE CHALLENGE: Remove safety issues surrounding the heating of motor housing with gas torches.

A major electric motor manufacturer asked INTEK to provide a custom heating system for many different sizes of motor housings. In addition to the challenge of heating the motor housings, there were serious issues with safety. They previously used the age old process of gas fired torches to heat the inside of the housing until it expanded enough to accept the precision fit of the mating armature. The unique design was built like a chandelier or an upside down wedding cake. For versatility it was made to heat each of the three different layers of heaters independently. In this way it could be programmed using the custom control system to energize only the individual layers of heaters required for the given size motor housing.

  • PRICE RANGE: $40,000 – $76,000 Price varies greatly depending on selected options.
  • SYSTEM DIMENSIONS-Internal: 40” W x 40” L x 113” H
  • SYSTEM DIMENSIONS-External: 60” W x 60” L x 143” H
  • PROCESS TEMP: 450 – 800°F

RESULTS: Energy savings, Safety and increased productivity – all in one design. Automated system eliminated all safety concerns since the heating elements were either contained in the energy saving bell oven housing when idle or enclosed safely inside the motor housing during the heating process. Workers no longer handle open flame devices.

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