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Preheat Ultra High Molecular Weight for Cutting

Industrial Multi-Tier Oven with PLC Control

THE CHALLENGE: Heat UHMW Sheets before cutting.

INTEK was challenged by a leading manufacturer/convertor of UHMW products. The challenge was to create a series of oven chambers capable of integrating with a robotic loader to process higher volumes of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene sheets necessary for converting large sheets to smaller shapes and sizes. The solution was to provide a stackable multi-level batch oven to handle up to nine sheets individually. Each oven module (capable of stacking 3 ovens high and operating individually or as a group) consisted of top and bottom heat zones, independently controlled for precise temperature balance. Each oven module also included a VFD controlled, powered live roller conveyor to assist in easy loading of each UHMWPE sheet into the oven chamber. Once the operator opens the oven door manually, the robotic loader can load or unload the UHMW material leading to the next step of the process.

  • PRICE RANGE: $25,000 – $35,000 per individual oven deck, depending on control options selected
  • SYSTEM DIMENSIONS – INTERNAL: 144″ Length, 60″ Width, 20″ Height (each deck)
    288kW / 480V-3PH / 350A / 60Hz
    Wattage: 288kW (96 kW per individual deck)
  • HEAT SOURCE: INTEK Electric Infrared Emitters
  • EXHAUST: None Required
  • PROCESS TEMP: Proprietary
  • PROCESS TIME: Proprietary
  • COST SAVINGS: Significant production output

RESULTS: Increased flexibility in customer’s product offering.

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