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Industrial Electric Infrared Convection Oven

Case Study
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INTEK provided an oven with the unique ability to heat with convection and IR either in tandem or independently. The IR heating portion was split into 4 zones top to bottom to allow even more flexibility. Emitters were provided on all four walls and the door to surround the customers substrate with patented INTEK electric IR energy which allow maximum thermal control. This allows our customer to dial in the perfect heat absorption rate for the product. With the use of a PLC driven control system, the customer is able to program recipes and save perimeters for quality control.

Unique Requirements

The customer needed an oven that allowed maximum thermal flexibility for heating their substrate. Due to the new technology the customer is utilizing, many processes are still being learned in the R&D department, so it was imperative that the ovens offer both direct and indirect heating.


The customer gained maximum thermal control of their curing process

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