Pre-heating medical chemicals

Standard Industrial Electric Convection Batch Oven

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Electric convection batch oven for pre-heating pharmaceutical chemicals in the medical industry to a temperature of 160°F (71°C) with a tolerance of +/- 20°F. Oven includes double doors with explosion latches, audible alarm and visual stack light to indicate process completion, rugged industrial structural steel welded frame construction, 4″ thick insulated walls filled with 800°F insulation and covered with 18 ga. aluminized steel inside and 18 ga. galvanized sheet steel outside.  Includes a concealed blower giving a clean, outside appearance that maintains optimum oven air circulation and a 42kW duct heater to maintain even heat throughout the heating chamber while providing quick recovery after doors have been opened.


  • Approximate internal oven dimensions: 74″ height x 64″ width x 96″ depth
  • Approximate external oven dimensions: 96” height x 72″ width x 108″ depth

Features and Applications

Product Application: Pre-Heating Chemicals for Medical Industry
Heat Source: Electric Convection Batch Oven

Design Process Temperature: 160°F

Special Features: Concealed blower with variable freq. drive, double-
doors with explosion latches, process completion alarm and light.

Electric Rating: 42kW / 480V~3-PH / 60A / 60Hz

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