Taking the time to do the research and planning every “ingredient” that is required to design and build the ultimate powder coating finishing line has paid off for this Kansas-based company. Read on to learn about how this shop can now cater to its clients and serve up exactly what they order—one load bar at a time.

It was roughly five years ago when JR Custom Metal Products (JRCMP) Inc. in Wichita, Kan., had been outsourcing so many parts for finishing that the company decided it made sense to put together a finishing system of its own. According to Jorge Martinez, vice president of sales and marketing at JRCMP, “Once we made the decision to build a powder coating finishing line, we wanted to do it right.” So, they started to attend industry events such as the Powder Coating Show (now called the Powder Coating Technical Conference and Tabletop Exhibition), PCI Hands-On Workshops and FABTECH. “We needed to learn a lot,” says Martinez. “We took everything to heart. We listened to all the speakers at all the events we attended. We learned about grounding, transfer efficiencies and line density. We learned about everything in general that we could about powder coating, and from there we figured out what kind of budget we would need to put in a new, ultimate system.”

After talking with all the major players, Martinez reveals that they chose Midwest Finishing Systems to build the system, and because JRCMP liked IntelliFinishing’s conveyor system, they incorporated that into the design as well.

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