For your convenience, please contact your local INTEK distributor for help with your process heating application: Heaters, Elements, Controls, Batch Ovens, Conveyor Ovens (Infrared, Convection, Electric or Gas). Our distributors will be happy to help with Equipment Pricing, Technical Information, and Specific Application Advice.

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    Industrial Ovens, Heaters, and Controls

    C&J Proseica, S.R.L. – Dominican Republic/Haiti

    Wellington Jiménez


    Reliable Heaters and Electricals – UAE

    Shahalom Rehman & Abdul Rehman


    Reliable Heaters and Electricals – Oman

    M.A. Paulson


    INTEK – Italy

    Aldo Onorato


    INTEK – Turkey

    Mustafa Gulsun


    Procesos Térmicos del Norte, S.A. de C.V.

    Juan Carlos Carrillo Espinoza


    Amerquip – Colombia

    Oscar Calle/Adrian Schmid


    Induma – Mexico

    Jorge Jerdmann


    Carrasco – Mexico

    Carlos Carrasco


    Comind Industries – Chile

    Andres Molina

    INTEC-HEAT – Spain

    Manuel Jimenez


    Aguado – Argentina

    Saulo Ferreyra


    Sandblast Machinery – Bolivia

    Jorge Rojas


    RECISA – Mexico

    Alfonso Fon


    Columbec – Ecuador

    Jamie Cevallos


    AASA – Costa Rica

    Juan Carlos Brenes


    Screen Print Flash Dryers, Panels
    and Replacement Elements

    Creative Coating Solutions

    Scott Keys


    Summit – Canada

    Doug Howard


    Schnell Industries – Germany

    Rainer Schnell


    George & Rubaih Trading Co. – UAE

    Jacob Aboon


    PC Technology – Belgium

    Ronald Van Kelst