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Zone Space Heating

What is Zone Heating?

Zone heaters are heaters that are used to heat certain spaces, rooms, or defined areas often referred to as ‘zones’.  Zone heaters come in a variety of designs and technologies, including ductless split wall-mounted units, smaller portable blown-air space heaters, or radiant infrared heaters.  INTEK specializes in long-wave radiant infrared zone heaters with little to no light being emitted meaning nearly all of the electricity that is consumed is turned into usable heat energy that is then directed into the area where it is desired.

Unlike central heating furnaces, zone heaters concentrate warmth to smaller, localized areas, typically where people spend the majority of their time such as living rooms, bedrooms, or offices.  It’s not unusual for a home or business to have multiple zone heaters for the many different primary zones.

The purpose of zone heaters is to reduce the home’s heating expense and make the most-used areas more comfortable than the under-utilized areas, which saves money by not having to run the expensive central furnace in order to heat the spaces that are not being used.

As for energy efficiency, the energy savings will vary from one home to another depending on how long the heater is used, how well the home is insulated, and regional climate conditions, with the greatest savings being realized when individual zones or rooms are kept comfortable therefore allowing the building’s main heating system to be turned down and operated less frequently.

INTEK’s patented Zonall electric infrared heater modules are designed to work individually for small areas or can be ganged together for larger areas. Ideal for commercial and industrial space heating applications, INTEK electric infrared Zonall heaters may be ceiling hung or wall mounted for effective space heating.

INTEK’s Ceiling Stealth space heating units are available for drop ceiling installations such as offices, basements, cafeterias, vestibules, entryways, and cubicles. INTEK’s patented design eliminates noise and maintenance while offering the highest efficiency since no blowers are necessary. Another distinct benefit, for clean and dirty environments alike, is that there are no reflectors to clean or polish making the INTEK design maintenance free and completely energy efficient.